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Old Spice is an iconic Indian brand used by men for decades. However, with the advent of deos and many new brands, Old Spice was facing serious competition in the men’s’ grooming segment. The need of the hour was to re-launch Old Spice with a clutter breaking digital campaign. One that could differentiate Old Spice from all other “boy gets girl” deo brands and establish itself as the leader in the men’s grooming segment in India.


With prime competitors relying on “boy gets girl” communication, we decided to target men with a no nonsense manly communication. Thus was born the Smell Mantastic campaign on the back of four videos featuring Indian super model Milind Soman. While many loved the campaign, some had polarizing views. So we decided to enter into a conversation with the audience and change this with the #MrMantasticSays direct responsecampaign

A team of art directors, copywriters and digital strategists got down to work to identify conversations around the brand and then profile the person, hisinterests and passions and create a customized response for the user.

While the response campaign was a great success, many Indian’s still perceived Old Spice as their dad’s brand. The Mantastic Man decided to change this perception and impact sales with the Mantastic Me campaign.

Users got the opportunity to be part of a paid media campaign where they could become the Mantastic man. All they had to do was to visit the website, choose an ad template and upload their picture. The campaign used Facebook Ads API to target their ad only to their friends in the newsfeed. The campaign showed endorsements from the friends of users and helped Old Spice be perceived as the Mantastic brand for the Youth.

The innovation was to use digital as the predominant media to reach out to the youth in a clutter breaking, interactive manner by building the persona of the “Mantastic Man”. Using the power of conversations and direct response we brought the brand alive in a completely “Mantastic” manner.

The #MrMantasticSays and Mantastic Me campaign were unique to keep the tradition and equity of Old Spice alive. Right from the listening and response center, the digital media team to the art and copy teams, everything about the Old Spice Mantastic campaign was crafted with personalization and Mantastic irreverence in mind. The creativity was clutter breaker, bold and helped establish the “Manly” credentials of the brand among the youth.

The audience was co-opted into the campaign at all levels. The direct response campaign used every response for the audience to further amplify the brand. Using every audience response the Mantastic Me campaign created the world’s first audience driven ad campaign. In all that we did the audience emphasized the brand ethos and amplified it socially to their connections.

The effective use of a conversational approach and personalized content helped Old Spice stand out from its “broadcast” led competitors. The wit and humor went a long way to make the communication not only engaging but also immensely effective.


The video campaign generated unprecedented interest with over 5.5 million views in 4 weeks and 2 videos featured in the YouTube “Most Popular” video list.

The response campaign(#MrMantasticSays) became a sensation generating over 6.6 million impressions organically in just 3 days with a huge spike in the positive sentiment going up to 71%. ‘Mantastic Me’ was extremely effective in getting people’s attention as the media ads featured their own friends as the Old Spice Man in the ads. This helped make the brand more relevant to them and help break the “it’s for my Dad” perception.

The Mantastic Man was all over the media, generating 1.2 billion media impressions and got recognized as the top 10 marketing campaigns of 2013 in all the top 8 daily publications in India.

The overall campaign awareness was up 70%, Brand Awareness 78%, while Purchase Intent increased by 15 points. All key equities witnessed a lift of 5% to 10%. In three months since launch, shipment of Old Spice was 24% ahead of target and value share up 300% from before the launch of the campaign.

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