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Is your website working as hard as you are?

Improving your web presence multiplies your entire business value

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53 % of visitors will leave your website if it takes more that 3 seconds to load

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20% drop in conversions are experienced for every second of delay on mobile

Search Engine

86% of consumers are more likely to purchase from websites that make it easy to find information

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74% of consumers in India will still look for information online, even at POS in store

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Improper website coding can negatively impact all your SEO efforts

What we do

From simple websites, to e-Commerce to complete digital transformation initiatives. Fulcro combines a complete understanding of business priorities with efficient and innovative technology to drive exponential growth. Our auditors and consultants are experts in the field of User Experience Mapping, Technology, and Marketing

We work with your teams to do a complete audit of your website and platforms, to build a comprehensive, customized report designed to help your organization leverage digital to effectively meet strategic goals.

How we do it

We follow a multi-step process

  • Analysis
    1. Heuristics : Definition of purpose of website and a heuristic analysis of the user experience by an expert
    2. Heatmaps : Analysis of current on page visitor behavior using Heatmap analysis of content and intent
    3. User Sessions: Analysis of consumer journeys using browser session recording
    4. Content and Demographics: Website Analytics
    5. Buy Journeys and form review: Form Funnel analysis through form recordings – Drops, retries, seconds per field.
    6. Technical analysis: including – speed, infrastructure, coding practices, CMS etc.
  • Solutioning
    1. We then arrive at the proposed user experience design using the data analysed (UX and UI Design)
  • Prototyping
    1. We prototype the solution using high fidelity designs and A/B testing with prospective users
  • Development and deployment
    1. The successful prototype is then developed and deployed
  • Monitoring Performance
    1. We deploy a Governance and Monitoring framework to continue monitoring site performance as per the established KPIs and managing ongoing optimization and maintenance
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