Case Study




Bajaj Electricals is one of India’s most trusted brands and is a household name for years, In fact for exactly 75 years. It was time to celebrate a journey, but we had a challenge. How do we establish and relive the legacy of the 75 glorious years of the brand in the era of social media?


The history of Bajaj Electricals is intertwined with the history of India with the founders even closely linked with the swadeshi movement. What if the story of this amazing journey could be told through a narrative that connected events in the history of the company with the History of India. Thus was born the “Shine On” website.

The website was laid out a dual narrative with key milestones of the brand in one and the history of India in another. The team of researchers and illustrators first took out moments of Indian history and created a continuous timeline that spread over 75 years as one single panorama. The milestones of Bajaj Electricals were then placed along this timeline.

Each milestone, be it of Bajaj Electricals or Indian history could be opened up to read greater details. Users could also share this on social media as easy to consume digests.

To quickly skip to sections of the timeline a milestone browser was also created through which users could jump to various sections of the timeline.


The campaign received great reviews in the media with all key publications talking about it. Over 1 million people interacted with the website spending over 5 minutes per visit. Firmly establishing that the story of the journey of Bajaj Electricals was a long story well told.


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