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ASUS had a measly share of 0.3% in the Indian Smartphone market.

34% of all mobile sales are done online! With more than 35+ handsets in our segment, how could we churn the customer at the buying stage? There was a need to revive ASUS through an insight led programmatic buying campaign and to keep the brand from extinction.


For the 1st time ever, we integrated the data in real time to send the feedback of the effectiveness of each creative audience combination with their OCMPID back to ASUS. Targeting users at the time of purchase!

When a user has something in their cart there is a greater chance that they are looking to buy it, but there’s also a larger chance that he could accept a better deal for a more fitting product. So, the best way to target them was through ads depending on what was in the cart!

We targeted our competitor phones and created various ads around them to target the users at the time of purchase.

We divided our audience into different segments depending on the smartphone price range, features and buying characteristics of the users on Flipkart.

Because of this never before integration, when a user added an ASUS smartphone to the cart, we were told the effectiveness of the creative audience combination. We programmatically increased our bids for the combinations that worked better and reduced all others, as these ads were programmed to reach the consumer on a real time basis.

Eg- If they had a Oneplus 6 in their cart which has a 3300 mAh battery we would target them with ads of the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 which has 5000mAh battery at an even better price.

Because of this real time programmatic approach, ASUS met their target of selling more than 1 million units per quarter without any increase in the budget, as our targeting efficiency went up by 3 times.


In less than a year ASUS market share went from 0.3 to 3% a 10x growth!

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