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When Tata launched Nexon in India, the feature loaded product had whatever it takes to engage the consumer in that category, however, the digital touchpoints that are integral to the consumer journey weren’t up to the mark. Especially, the website.

The integral elements on the website of a car brand were not in its best arrangement keeping in mind the consumer journey and the website was not mobile optimized so as to offer the Nexon experience to the potential consumers visiting the website from their smartphones or tablets.

Not just that, the features of the car that claimed Nexon as India’s safest car had no place on the top banners or main communication on the website.


We started the Tata Nexon journey by deploying a heat mapping tool that studied the user behavior of more than 5000 visitors on their website. From the number of pages user visits, to the time spent on each tool, this tool record each and every action of the visitors on the website. It also helped us notice that the bounce rate on the initial pages of the website was too high and reached up to 70 thus leading us to a conclusion of changing the user experience from scratch.

We started website by understanding the consumer journey and doing an offline survey of what people would like to know first about the car as and when they log on to the website of a car.

From our survey, we identified a complete structure of the website starting from keeping the title of India’s safest car on the first banner with the three options that matter the most to the consumer like Offers, test drive and a brochure.

With all the clickable tabs on the top, we made it easier for the users to select what they would like to see first instead of making them go through all pieces of content to find something of their own interest thus reducing bounce rate to a great extent.

We also added a 360 degree experience in order to make people experience the pleasure of owning India’s safest car on the screens that are most accessible to them.


The bounce rate of the website came down from 70% to 30% in a span of one month after revamping the website.

The new user experience helped brand to get 4x enquiries from the website as compared to the number of enquiries received before the website was revamped.

The test drive bookings increased by 2x from website as a source of booking test drives.

More than 13,000 users tried the 360 degree experience on the Tata Nexon website.

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