Work Culture


Culture is all around us. It is a combination of our beliefs, values, attitudes and behavior in society. Establishing this culture in the workplace is extremely important. For an organization to bear fruitful results and positive outcomes, the employees have to share in the same values and work together as one unit. And therefore, it is of utmost importance that a distinct work culture be present in the organization. Systematic studies conducted have proved that having a well defined work culture and business strategy drives the employees to work more efficiently and most importantly, under no stress. The environment that is created for the employees to work in will define the kind of results that will be procured.


Here at Fulcro, we have certain values that we stand by and aim to enhance the quality of work through these ideas:


1) Maintaining a work/life balance: At Fulcro, we give immense emphasis to this value. Overloading an employee will lead to stressful conditions and it is noticed that the outcomes are always of poor quality. We, therefore, do not believe in the concept of overtime, as it ensures the employees complete a given task in the stipulated amount of time thereby creating an efficient workforce and also allows for one to keep away work life at the end of the day and participate in social activities. The correct blend of both lives leads to a satisfied employee in a happy environment, thus proving beneficial to the company.


2) Interaction and Inclusion: Learning is unending, and it is said that one learns best through peers. At Fulcro, we encourage our employees to interact with one another, exchange ideas, build on the company’s mission and vision and thus create this work culture. It is important for the task force to respect and value one another’s opinions and work with an unbiased attitude towards all. The strength of an organization lies within its unity.

Here at Fulcro, we aim to provide a work culture that best suits its employees. After all, it is the core element that shapes the relationships and work processes. We aim to lead through action and hope to maintain a work culture that sets an example in the digital industry.