How Tata Tele Business Services established themselves as a consultant for SMBs


Tata Tele Business Services is a leader in providing enterprise and business connectivity services to its customers. It has a long history of consistent, reliable and excellent service to enterprise.
Over the last few years, with the emergence of a growing entrepreneurial India on the Government’s Make in India footsteps, and an increasing reliance on digital communication methods, Tata Tele Business Services saw a need to provide services to the growing small and medium enterprises and startups in the country.
For prospective customers without the benefit of an IT team, understanding the requirements for their business was hard. They knew that running your factory on a mobile hotspot is impossible, but they did not know what an Internet Leased Line is. Enter TTSB Meet4Solutions – an online, mobile ready, video consulting session, freely accessible for prospects, and customers to help them with a solution to their business connectivity needs.
Meet4Solutions provided prospects the ability to schedule a live one hour conference across eight available time slots in a day. The Meet4Solutions platform intelligently paired them with the right consultant to best answer their questions.


TTSB had been provided chat-based consulting to its prospects through its website for a while. Closure rates on these chats were good, but there was always a bit of a gap when it came to fully understanding the technology at hand. Chat and call based discussion were usefule when the prospective customer was aware of his requirements. TTSB had a few solution architects who’s mission was to get their customers the best possible solution to their needs.
We are humans. For most of us a face-to-face discussion or conversation is always more desirable than a voice over the phone. But the access to solution consultants was limited and excessive travel was impossible. We therefore decided that video calling was the next best solution. Businesses have been using Video Conferencing for a few years now. With the proliferation of high speed mobile networks and smartphones and laptops with HD cameras, this capability is available to consumers in a big way.
We decided to capitalise on that building our solution over consumer distributed communication tools and software. We built a platform on the website which enabled the user to schedule an appointment as per their convenience from an available schedule upto 30 days in the future. At the backend our intelligent scheduling system automatically allocated the meeting to an available consultant best equipped to the customers problem on the day of the meeting.Emails and SMS messages notified the customer closer to the day of the meeting and prompted them to setup their devices for the meeting in advance. HD Camera’s and document presentation sharing helped provide consumers with an immersive experience during the meeting.


The campaigns success was measured on three parameters

  • Prospect Closure, a high success rate on closures as a result of the solutions offered during the video conference.
  • Commercials – With a development cost less than $4000 and operating cost of less than $5000 and most users coming organically, the Meet4Solutions program helps drive an efficient way of customer acquisition.
  • The Meet4Solutions program positioned Tata Tele Business Services as a true consultant to consumer needs with customers rating the meeting as helpful, and a big help in deciding their requirements.
  • Meet4Solutions was a revolutionary way of connecting with prospective customers. The biggest result for us was actually providing SMEs with a means of discussing their problems with a service provider on a time of their choosing without getting stressed on meetings.
  • Since the program started Meet4Solutions has been operating at capacity of its available registrations, with the bulk of the traffic coming from organic sources.
  • Closure rate post the Meet4Solutions video conferences with customers is close to the 50% mark.