Tata Docomo E-Shop

Tata Docomo eShop

India’s only omni channel telecom e-commerce platform


Ever since the brand Tata Docomo was launched in the Indian market it has sought to be digital first. The brand had taken up the challenge to build a digital business much beyond online recharge. However, selling connections is very different from regular e-commerce as it needs an omni channel approach dictated by TRAI. Each connection or device sold needed to be physically delivered and activated. The customer’s documents needed to be verified and the CAF filled and submitted by company personnel. Thus setting up an end to end e-commerce channel was a huge challenge


Instead of the traditional e-commerce approach, Tata Docomo decided to follow an Omni channel strategy. First it built an online storefront that reproduced the physical purchase process as closely as possible. This involved stock check at a pin code level and an easy single page product configurator. It featured a single page checkout with all major payment gateways integrated. The eShop even featured a webchat to guide visitors in case they needed help. The online store was connected to the brand stores in real time and the orders were channeled to the nearest store for fulfillment. Once an order was received it was dynamically allocated to the “Feet on Street” nearest to the customer by the centralized server. The person visited the customers house to complete the delivery and activation.

The entire system was integrated into a central portal and was extended to a call center that had full visibility of the order status from the time it was placed right up to the activation. At any time, customers could get their status online or through the call center. The portal was also integrated with the enterprise backend so that all products, prices and stocks were synchronized across all stores in all circles.


The Tata Docomo eShop is even today the most comprehensive e-commerce portal in telecom in India. To date the Tata Docomo has generated over Rs. 100 crores of revenue online. With over ~5 lakh visits monthly and ~25,000 new connections and hot leads being sold every month the Tata Docomo eShop is today an integral part of its business strategy

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