Tata Docomo 3G Life

Marketing 3G through collaborative content

Using content marketing to deliver though leadership and competitive advantage in the ever competitive world of 3G


Ever since its launch, 3G services have failed to take off across all operators. While pricing is one of the reasons for the slow off take of 3G, Tata DOCOMO realised that the full potential of 3G can do on a handset is not well understood by most consumers.


Hence the challenge was to educate consumers about the amazing possibilities with 3G, without hard selling and build a long-term leadership position amongst all operators.


Tata DOCOMO decided to use content marketing as a route to go educate consumers as well as create excitement for trying out its 3G services. 3GLife.com blog was launched with full editorial control provided to a team of leading tech and telecom bloggers. The editorial team works continuously to bring the latest content, news and reviews onto the blog across categories like 3G handsets, applications, games and tariff.

Online chat support integration with Tata DOCOMO”s customer care team was built to provide real-time support and query resolution to visitors of the blog. Tata DOCOMO”s official social communities with more than 6.5 million fans and followers are regularly updated with the best content from 3GLife.com. Subtle cross-link banners from the official Tata DOCOMO website have also been used to direct relevant traffic to the blog.


  • Without any paid media, the traffic to the blog has increased 5 times since launch with over 50,000 unique visitors per month.
  • More than 5,000 product enquiries generated from visitors to the blog
  • The Facebook fan page has organically grown to over 27,000 fans
  • The top tech and telecom bloggers are today associated with Tata DOCOMO at a strategic level delivering strategic competitive advantage to the brand

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