Religare Saral


The world's first native securities trading platform on mobile


The Indian economy is on the move. India has a new prime minister who is pushing for digital inclusion and building digital India. At Religare Securities we wanted to be a part of this mission. Seasoned traders stay glued to their terminals to make the most of every opportunity. But the common man could never really participate so had a brief of making securities trading simple for the masses.


We created Saral, the world’s first securities trading platform for the masses. To get the price of any stock, all the user needs to do is, message #price, #name of stock, to our mobile messenger handles, and Saral sends the stock price across instantly. To buy a stock, the user has to send a message, with #buy #name of stock, and quantity, and Saral completes the transaction, following Religare Securities’ secure processes.

The Saral application was hosted in the Religare cloud that integrated with popular mobile messengers through their API’s as well as Religare Securities’ trading engine. As soon as a trade request was received the system identified the Customer, name of the scrip, the quantity and pushed it into a custom trading console which completed the transaction securely.


Saral combined the simplicity of native mobile messaging with the power of Religare Securities’ trading system to make securities trading within reach of over 100 million Indians making it the fastest growing channel for securities trading in India. Saral received 10,000+ registrations in the first month itself. The #price query is growing at 15% week-on-week while native transactions have crossed Rs. 100 million.

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