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Thank you Mom

The mother of all social media campaigns


As sponsors of the London Olympics, P&G wanted to create disproportionate brand salience and preference among women, its primary TG. To achieve this a global campaign Thank You Mom was conceived. Our task was to amplify the thought and create a massive movement involving moms and children around the Thank You Mom concept in India


We created the ‘Thank You Mom India’ movement on social media, dedicated to celebrating the purest most special emotion known to the mankind – the love between a mother and her child. We created a platform and encouraged real moms and their children to come together and celebrate their special bond for the world to see.

On Twitter #ThankYouMom enabled fans, influencers and key opinion leaders alike to express their gratitude towards their moms & appreciation for the movement.

A large number of videos including those of the Mom’s of Olympians were also used to bring about the emotional connect


The Thank You Mom movement touched the hearts of people across the country and made the Facebook page the most engaged page in the world for over 2 months (pages with over 100,000 fans)

  • Daily 300+ real pictures shared by real users
  • Consolidated PR worth 8.20 MM (over 4X the target of 2 MM) making it the largest PR campaign in the history of P&G India
  • Consolidated earned media impressions worth 5.2 Billion
  • 1.4 Million engaged fans
  • Average Engagement rate of 14.4%
  • Acknowledged by P&G as the Most successful ‘Thank You Mom’ campaign across the world

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