HDFC Hand-Aid

HDFC Bank HandAid

How a simple bandage saved 62,760 lives


Every year, HDFC Bank organises a PAN India Blood Donation Drive. The drive facilitates the setting up of donation camps at almost all leading colleges. HDFC Bank wanted to spread awareness about their blood donation drive and, in the process, get more people to consider blood donation.


Advertising would have helped us achieve our objective of spreading awareness. However, nobody really donates blood after watching an ad. It’s the Word of Mouth that compels a person to consider donation.

So this year, we decided to tap into one of the most visible yet unutilised touchpoints that blood donation creates – the white tape on every donor’s forearm.

We realised that it is these tapes that start conversations about blood donation and give donors an opportunity to speak about their good deed.

And so, we created the HandAid – a simple spot bandage with an NFC sticker pasted on it. We replaced the white tapes with these wonders.

When looked at from the donor’s perspective, the HandAid resembled a blood drop. However, for the people looking at it from the other side, it looked like a location pin. And that’s exactly what it did.

On tapping the HandAid with an NFC-enabled smartphone, the user was taken to a specially designed microsite. The microsite used GPS to point the user to his nearest donation camp. The microsite also answered the most frequently asked questions about blood donation and debunked myths.


The result was a revolutionary yet inexpensive wonder that not only let blood donors flaunt their feat, but also enabled the listeners to make a decision in their want-to-do moment.

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