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HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card

How HDFC Bank used personalised videos to promote Diners Club Credit Card


The HDFC Bank Diners Club card gives its holder access to the finest privileges across the globe. It has always been perceived as a product meant only for the elite.

HDFC Bank wanted to reform this notion. Besides the affluent, they also wanted to reach out to the ones who are always aspiring for more, and tell them about the card’s premium lifestyle benefits.


We realised that the idea of a ‘Premium Lifestyle’ is very subjective. How one perceives it is solely based on one’s interests.

And so, we decided to let these individuals choose their very own HDFC Bank Diners Club life and watch it unfold right in front of their eyes.

We launched ‘Where I Belong’ – an interactive microsite that let users sign in with their Facebook accounts and create their Diners Club Life.

All the user had to do was answer 3 simple questions based on his travel preferences, favoured sport and interests.

Based on the choices made by the user, the microsite stitched together a series of videos to create a film showcasing the most desirable experiences for that particular user.

To make this visual spectacle even more delightful, we added the user’s name to the film and made it truly personalised.


Users spent an average of 7 minutes on the website.

Over 15000 films were created.

The website generated more than 3000 leads.

People were able to get a glimpse of just one of the many personalised experiences that HDFC Bank Diners Club Card can offer.