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With over 6.5 million fans on Facebook and by virtue of being the leading brand on social media in India, the onus was clearly on Tata DOCOMO to leverage its large social media community for greater good of mankind. The BloodLine Club service was the answer that sought to leverage its social media reach and connect humanity in a common pledge to save lives.


The challenge was to launch an integrated communication on digital such that the sum of the parts is more than the whole. The objective was to clearly reinforce the thought leadership position of Tata DOCOMO on digital and leverage its huge social media community towards greater good of mankind.


By using a central database of all users across the world along with their blood groups the BloodLine Club has evolved from a mere service offering to Tata DOCOMO subscribers to a means to save lives across the world.

Using a combination of website, WAP site, games, banners and videos Tata DOCOMO went about spreading the awareness about the need to step up and be counted when someone, be it close friends or even strangers need blood.

Website & WAP Site

The BloodLine Club website was the hub of the initiative where users could register using their Facebook or Twitter account from anywhere in the world or using their mobile number in India. By using a central database of all users across the world along with their blood groups, the BloodLine Club website has evolved into a service initiative run by the people for the people across the world with the common goal of saving lives. If anyone needs blood they just need to login and send in a request and the website will send the request across by a Tweet (on Twitter) or Status update (via Facebook) to all members with matching blood groups in the vicinity with an appeal to help if they can.


We created a game in which the user could play the role of a SuperSaver. He was presented with a continuous stream of characters with various levels of blood; he had to click on them to donate blood. The user earns points for “saving lives” but loses a game life if he misses giving blood to an empty (out of blood) character. Three misses and the user would get a “Game Over” message. Just when you think that’s all there is to the game, the message changes to “Game not Over” and the super saver jumps onto the game and gives blood to the fallen characters, restoring them back to life. The game ends with a message that no one deserves to run out of blood and presents a call to action to join the BloodLine Club.


The same game concept was also converted into a banner and run on gaming sites. When the user ran out of lives the banner would play out the communication and ask him to register


We created a video that was run as a YouTube preloader where a countdown timer was shown counting down to when the requested video will start. The audio track played out the typical scene of an emergency where the person is desperate to get blood. About half way into the video the audio tells us that a donor has been found! The script then tells us that this is probably all the time that one has when a loved one needs blood and exhorts the user to register with the BloodLine Club and make a difference when someone needs blood.


With members across all 5 continents and popular support and encouragement flooding in from NGO’s across the world, the BloodLine Club has become a social cause that thousands of people across the world are trusting to be able to provide or seek help from in an emergency. Using very little paid media; the integrated campaign has captured the imagination of the youth across the world and has helped Tata DOCOMO provide a platform for the benefit of mankind.

  • Over 300,000 members
  • Members across 5 continents and 25+ countries
  • More than 50% of members acquired through viral referrals and personal invites
  • Till date 98 requests for blood serviced
  • 9 instances of lives potentially saved through a member donor

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