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Bajaj Electricals Super Fans

Using Social to drive Loyalty


Bajaj Electricals is one of the most trusted brands with a legacy of over 75 years. Every year it acquires millions of new customers and over 1 million of them register with their contact details to get installation and demonstration services. Our challenge was to make these customers our loyalists and impact sales.


Introducing Bajaj Super Fans

We realized that most of our customers were active on Social Media and while they weren’t actively interacting or engaging with Bajaj Electricals, they were talking amongst their peer group. We launched a program to add the Twitter handles of our customers to our CRM database. A massive outreach exercise was undertaken where we contacted over 5 million customers to link their Twitter handles with their profile. At the end of three months we had over 4 lakh customers with their authenticated Twitter handles.

We then created a smart listening server that read each and every tweet made by these users & created an ‘event trigger’ based on the situation.

For example when a new Bollywood movie was released, customers who said they wished to watch the movie were sent BookMyShow vouchers. When customers were “looking for gifts” we sent them 50% off discount vouchers on select Bajaj appliances. When customers were being congratulated on “anniversary” we sent them one of our products gift wrapped at the pre-registered home address. We even delivered a Domino’s pizza to a customer who was hungry.

Along with this, ‘day triggers’ helped us to reach out on more individual occasions like birthday, job changes etc. with relevant personalized communication.

So how did we achieve this?

We set up a listening solution that was integrated with Twitter to fetch each and every Tweet of these customers. These tweets were fed into a Hadoop database and matched against pre-defined keywords. Once a trigger was detected, we reached out to these customers with our customised response.


  • In the first three months of the program over a hundred thousand customized responses were sent out. More than 60,000 discount vouchers were sent with a 5% redemption rate generating over Rs.10 million worth of sale from the online shop. But what was most heartening is the smiles we brought to the faces of our customers making them our Super Fans

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