Inclusion at the workplace

No organization is complete until the employees feel a true sense of belonging. It is the ingredient that pushes workers to strive for greater goals. Here at Fulcro, we emphasize an inclusive environment, where each employee is treated with respect and most importantly, equality. Indiscrimination and the abolition of gender bias in the workplace is a core focus and is deemed vital for the growth of the company.

Being an organization in the 21st century, Fulcro has no room for favoritism. All staff are urged to work together with utmost sensitivity and no prejudice whatsoever. As a company and members of a progressive society, we are committed to ending all kinds of socio-cultural stereotypes. We are a welcoming group and are open to employing candidates with merit and passion, no matter what caste, creed or sexual orientation one associates themselves with. We hope that with an initiative such as this at the workplace, our employees will be inspired to practice this sentiment even in their personal lives, thus making the outside world a more inclusive neighbourhood. We believe that it is imperative to value the opinions of our fellow employees and grow through encouragement. We put these words into actions by promoting equal opportunities for all employees, including more women in the workplace, employing members of the LGBTQI community and addressing every grievance of our work team. We pursue each employee to voice their opinions and make their contribution allowing us to better our inclusive system, and we are always open to new ideas on how to make the workplace more efficient and instill a feeling of security among the staff. With happy employees and content employers, we aim to take Fulcro to greater heights.