Learning and Development


So often it is noticed that an organization lacks essence because of its dismantled way of working. Each employee focuses solely on their role and gives no importance to the bigger picture. Here at Fulcro, we want to draw light upon the importance of this interdependency among the employees. We pursue each employee to learn more than one skill to improve the overall proficiency of the company. Each team of employees has to be aware of not only their own responsibilities but those of the other teams as well, so that in a time of crisis, the appropriate measures can be taken and without delay. Customer satisfaction will increase on a large scale as more minds can be put together to address an issue. It will also create a more professional environment wherein each employee knows the functioning of the entire organization.

We at Fulcro, promote this multi-skilled taskforce as it also enhances team work. Employees begin to understand the value of one another’s roles in the company and this encourages them to work with each other instead of against. The competency of the employees is heightened through this kind of learning and development.

As employers, it also helps us quickly respond in a crisis situation in which a backup team can be utilised should the required team be unavailable. As for the employees, this continued learning will keep them engaged and active instead of eventually feeling saturated. The company’s attempt to keep them developed will be appreciated and the constant increase in opportunities will keep them always motivated.