Everything You Need to Know About WhatsApp for Business

Everything You Need to Know About WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp is one of the largest applications in terms of MAU – 1.5 billion worldwide, sending more than 65 billion messages every day. After the efficacious inception of a separate business app i.e. WhatsApp Business, it has been bringing a significant transformation in the business communication landscape. The current scenario is more than 300 million companies are using WhatsApp Business globally. Personalization and engagement are the paramount factors that are revamping the traditional model of customer service and making WhatsApp Business a big hit among enterprises.


Advantages of WhatsApp for Business:

There are many reasons businesses should seriously consider developing a presence on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a useful customer service channel. It enables community managers to engage with customers quickly as customers nowadays expect a response within an hour.

WhatsApp business supports multimedia applications. This means that you aren’t limited to answering customers’ inquiries with text alone. Businesses can send photos, videos, exact locations, GIFs, PDFs or even recordings and promote their services/offerings in innovative ways. Not only this, by having access to the WhatsApp API, you can add a chatbot to your business account to automatically answer common questions. This can save you time and energy and will keep you available round the clock.


Features of WhatsApp for Business:

From sending paid notifications to directly messaging leads, there are plenty of features marketers can use to boost revenue and increase conversions. Let’s do a deeper dive to understand the features of WhatsApp for Business:

  • Business Profile: Enterprises can create a publicly-visible profile including important information like email address, location, business description, URL, logo, etc.
  • Reports & Statistics: You can get access to analytics reports about your account activity such as the number of messages sent, delivered, read and received.
  • Labels: You can add custom color-coded labels to active chats with customers to keep them organized.
  • Greetings: You can set up a default greeting message for customers that start chats with your business.
  • Away messages: You can pre-set messages to send to customers when you are not online.
  • Quick & Auto-Reply Capabilities: You can save frequently-used responses to send quickly by typing short commands starting with “/”. For example, if you save a quick reply telling customers your address, you could type “/address” to automatically send a pre-written message.


What is WhatsApp Business API?

While WhatsApp Business app is a standalone app for small businesses, WhatsApp Business API caters to the needs of larger businesses. It provides higher messaging volumes and fulfils the requirement for business process automation and integration within their existing communication platform. It lets brands to add their features and allows integrations with CRMs, analytics, asset management, and other elements of an enterprise’s software stack.


How Does WhatsApp Business API Account Help?

By using WhatsApp Business API, a brand can build a rich multimedia communication channel with its customers and prospects at an enterprise scale. Customers can also reach out to the brand for information and service using the world’s most popular app.

In the era of rich multimedia communication, a verified partner that can help brands deploy WhatsApp Business API solutions is particularly important to resolve communication uncertainty and drive better business opportunities.


Driven by strong fundamentals and consistent demand, Fulcro aims to provide a comprehensive package by creating and setting up a WhatsApp Business account to accelerate the potential growth of the businesses. Our WhatsApp Business API services help enterprises to create “Business Profiles” for a fully-branded business identity. We aim to expand the reach of the businesses, improve deliverability, manage support costs, increase conversions, and achieve other business KPIs.

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