Life at Fulcro

In order to ensure that an organization's employees are putting in their maximum efforts and working with diligence, it is essential to make the workplace a friendly environment for all. Life at Fulcro is smooth running and efficient. We encourage our employees not to focus solely on work life, but blend it in with an equally prioritized social life as well. A good employee is someone who devotes time to family and friends along with work. As employers, we persuade our employees to be performance-driven. Credibility and innovation are much appreciated in the digital world, and that is what we strive for. Overworking our employees is not an avenue we choose to follow as it does not yield any positive results, but simply puts a strain on the employee's mind and manner of work.

Here at Fulcro, major emphasis is given to client satisfaction. It is our endeavour to fulfill our client's every need to the best of our ability, just the way they envision it. Our clients are our top priority and maintaining a good rapport with them is of utmost importance.

To ensure that our employees feel a sense of belonging and to create a pleasurable environment, we at Fulcro like to practice a mix a multicultural activities all year round. This ranges from celebrations of traditional Indian festivals such as Diwali to celebrating employee relationships through Friendship Day and honouring the nation together through Independence day festivities. Celebrating an occasion together is an excellent way to strengthen the bond between employees and instill a community feeling even at the workplace. It develops familial emotions and brings the taskforce together in unison. Our new employees are welcomed with warmth into the Fulcro family and are treated with utmost sensitivity.

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