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What is Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager brings artificial intelligence and the scale and security of the cloud to content management, letting you build powerful and personal experiences for your whole audience on any screen.

Adobe Experience manager has three specific components which serve distinct needs for a businesses requirements.

  • Adobe Experience Manager Sites
  • Adobe Experience Manager Assets
  • Adobe Experience Manager Forms

Adobe Experience Manager – Sites

With todays’ multi device and multi format world, creating and deploying the right content for every channel, every device and every customer isn’t easy. Whatever marketing challenge you are face with however – from deploying a landing page, to a new application feature, Adobe Experience Manager will help. Experience Manager Sites is the content management system for the future. When great content is your competitive edge, marketing-friendly templates and flexible developer tools, in AEM Sites makes it easy for teams to give their customers the content they want in the moment they want it.

Adobe Experience Manager as the heart of the Hybrid CMS

At Fulcro we champion a system we call Fluid. Fluid CEMS is not a single application but an application architecture which separates the content from all presentation frontends, however distinct they may be. Applications are interconnected and speak to each other using modern APIs and techniques.

With a CEMS system, you have the flexibility to create your own or use pre-built templates and to make that same content available and easily reusable across any channel or device and in any coding language through the use of APIs.

The key benefits of a CEMS architecture – Scalability, API based Communication, Security through Separation, Content Distribution are well served with Adobe Experience Manager Sites at the core.

As a hybrid solution, Adobe Experience Manager allows marketers and IT to design, understand and quickly deliver experiences in context across web, mobile and any end-point in the customer journey — giving businesses the ability to address headless use cases while also solving its challenges. Experience Manager’s hybrid approach also means that it’s easy to quickly create and manage context-optimised experiences. This lets you deliver consistent connected experiences, scaling content re-use and delivery as the business grows.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets

The demand for new and personalized content is growing every day. If your digital assets are stashed away in separate silos with no way to quickly find, manage, or govern them, it will be impossible to keep up. And your assets will languish away in storage — forgotten and unused.

AEM Assets is a Digital Asset management system that not only stores assets but a place to edit and share them too.

Asset automation does all of this automatically — in seconds instead of hours or days. And all with the highest quality. Imagine cropping out a background and inserting a completely new one with a couple of clicks. Uploading a photo and having it automatically tagged with relevant and highly descriptive phrases. Or having search terms delivered in all applicable languages Automatically.

With Rich Content Delivery, AEM Assets optimises content across channels, bandwidths and platforms.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms

AEM Forms speeds up the ability to create responsive, scalable forms which integrate well with digital workflows. Speed up consumer on-boarding with scalable authoring and clear customer communication.

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